The Reflection of Cyberwarfare


Cyber warfare is basically the use of computers and other useful devices to attack an enemy’s information systems. Many people located all around the world have been affected by hackers and their ability of breaking in to all types of computers and individuals information, which includes the government, and their militaries, especially criminals and other large groups and individuals. Computers are a whole new lead way of power for people or groups with thieving minds. It also helps different countries attack their opponents and gather private information that is not for sharing or releasing.

In my essay about cyber warfare I learned alot about what the internet security company McAfee stated about china and how they are the lead country of committing cyber attacks towards others. Also, i learned that one-hundred twenty countries have been developing ways to use the internet as a weapon and target financial markets, government computer systems and utilities. I knew a little about cyber warfare and how it affects people and the whole world. It has a big affect on people because hacking into computers cause alot of data and important information to be lost and taken.

This essay taught me much about how much information a computer and the internet will give someone. I never noticed it until I found out how much information a hacker can get from just hacking into computers. I also, noticed that United States have a weak cyber defense because of how much inofrmation we have saved on our computers. We rely a lot on our computers and the internet, which is causing a lot of information saved on these programmable machines to be lost or taken by hackers.

Cyber warfare is one of the main problems that takes place all around the world. I read that cyber warfare can cause global collateral damages, which is basically any damage incidental to an activity. I learned a lot by doing this essay because it taught me plenty of information concerning cyber warfare and how it affects society in many ways.


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